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"Kyle," is a 5-year-old, 16.1h Thoroughbred gelding by Theodore, sire of numerous hunter, jumper, eventing, dressage and equitation horses, out of Trader's Gamble (a talented jumper herself, now deceased, she is also the dam of PSG/I1 dressage horse and successful show jumper Theodore I, racehorse Theodorosa, and children's/AA hunter Teddibaby, plus an equitation horse in Vermont (also by Theodore), an  AQHA hunter (by Waco Jack) and another show jumper (by Military Order).

What can we say about Kyle? He will be a wonderful mount for a truly ambitious rider. A sweetheart around the barn, Kyle's sometimes over-abundance of joie-de-vivre simply must be something that you appreciate, not fear. He is not rank, he is not lazy, he is not nasty--he's just an enthusiastic horse who has been developed to enjoy his work. He loves to use his super-long, wonderfully cadenced and light stride to fly through the country, alone or in company, and presents a flowing, elegant ride on the flat in the hands of a soft and sympathetic rider. His movement is competitive, his carriage is whatever you want it to be, while his mind is still maturing and definitely not "dead" to the world around him. Brought along slowly and carefully, we do not think Kyle's level of maturity is unreasonable for a horse intended to stay sound and sane for the long haul. UPDATE: Kyle recently suffered a "knock" in the pasture and has a bump-blemish on his cannon, just below the knee. He has never been lame on it and the vet says it should reduce eventually. It is being diligently sweated.

Yes, he has shown successfully; yes, he can easily do four feet or higher; yes, he clips, ships, shoes and does all that routine stuff; yes, he knows his lateral work and goes in a soft, elastic frame; yes, he gets along in a herd; yes, he has no stable vices; yes, yes, yes to yada, yada, yada. Look, folks, it's just this simple: if you are a decent and serious rider and are ready to compete right now and don't want to be limited as to how far you can go with the horse you are on, then, YES, this is the horse for you. Ask for the videotape or visit him while he stays (temporarily) in Damascus, Maryland (through mid-November), but do be SERIOUS, please.  His price is $7500 and professional inquiries are welcome.
One of Kyle's very first jumping efforts.
Kyle at his first show (fence height: 2'9").
a.k.a "Kyle"
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Kyle was bred by Sportponies Unlimited.
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