Breeding Contract
VSF Otis+
Contract Number: _____________________

This contract for the breeding season of 2006 is made on the ___ day of _________________, is by and between Constance and Scott Walker(the breeder) and _______________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the mare owner. The Anglo-Arabian stallion VSF Otis +  Registration Number AA9375 will be bred to ____________________________: Registration Number ________________, for the fee of $500.00 for a Live Foal, as defined in below, subject to the following conditions.

1. The breeding fee plus the balance of all other expenses when the mare is picked up. Mare owner may not remove mare from breeder's possession until all expenses are paid in full.

2. Breeder agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feeding of mare and/or foal while in his custody. Mare owner agrees to pay for the care and feeding at the rate of $5.00/dry or $7.00/wet per day. If the owner provides the mare’s hay and grain, $3.00 may be subtracted from the fee.
Breeder will exercise judgment in care and supervision of mare and/or foal. Any necessary veterinarian and farrier expenses will be paid by Mare Owner. Owner will be consulted before any veterinary treatment is administered, unless it is an emergency, and the owner cannot be reached.

3. Mares that are not halter broke or that have not had their rear shoes removed will not be accepted.

4. The Mare Owner shall be responsible for providing the Breeder with the following test results performed by a licensed veterinarian . The Mare Owner will be responsible for paying for these tests.

                 a. A negative Coggins test (presented upon arrival)
                 b. A negative uterine culture (barren mares) performed within 30 days of mare's arrival (presented upon arrival),
                 c. A Photostat of both sides of registration papers (presented upon arrival)
                 d. Vaccinations for
                                 - Flu/Rhino (presented upon arrival)

5. Mare Owner agrees to give Breeder ample opportunity to settle mare, and Breeder agrees to diligently try to settle mare. However, if mare fails to settle, for any reason, Mare Owner will hold Breeder blameless.

6. This contract contains a "Live Foal Guarantee." A live foal is defined as a new born foal which stands and nurses without assistance. If foal is born dead or dies within 72 hours of foaling, there are return privileges only if Breeder is notified within ten( 10) days by veterinarian's statement confirming the death of the foal.

7. It is agreed that should the mare miscarry, abort, or prove barren after leaving the breeder's premises, Mare Owner has the privilege to return her, or a substitiute mare of her choice for breeding this season, or at a later date, provided the stallion is still available for breeding.

8. Both parties agree that the Breeder/farm and any person associated with Breeder/farm is not liable for death, sickness and/or accident including consequential damages caused to the mare and/or foal; and that the Mare Owner is not liable for death, sickness, and/or accident including consequential damages to the stallion. It shall be the Mare Owner's responsibility to maintain mortality insurance on mare and foal if desired.

9. It is further agreed that should the above named stallion die, be sold by owner, or become unfit for service, that the stud fee will be refunded, thereby canceling this entire contract. If the mare dies, or becomes unfit to breed before being announced safe in foal, the Breeder will accept another mare, provided she meets the above-mentioned health requirements, according to paragraphs 4 and 5, as a replacement.

10. Should mare for any reason be left at the Breeder's facility for thirty days without the stud fee being paid, Breeder has the right to sell the mare to meet any and all expenses incurred by the mare in the breeding process. Any funds in excess of the expenses incurred by the mare and the Mare Owner shall be returned to the Mare Owner at his/her last known address.

11. This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable. In the event that the mare is sold or otherwise disposed of prior to the birth of the foal, the "Live Foal Guarantee" will no longer be valid.

12. Additional Conditions:_________________________________________________________



his contract represents the entire agreement between both parties. No other agreement or promises, verbal or implied, are involved unless specifically stated in this written contract. When mare owner and breeder sign this contract, it will be binding on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.

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