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Young Horses by VSF Otis +
Connie says:
"Pica (Picabo Street), my daughter's Otis daughter,did her 3rd 50 [mile endurance competition] at the same ride [where father Otis did the 100]... She is 6, and 14.1 1/2. 
She came in 6th place out of 50, and was about 15 minutes behind the winner! 

"That was the first time Courtney has allowed her to go a bit faster.  Shes a little tuffy.  
Her recoveries were fantastic in the heat.  Courtney had a great ride on her.  Of course, this is a mare Courtney skipped school the day she was born, and sat with her all day,
and has done every bit of handling, and training herself on.  Quite rewarding!"
Picaboo Street