@13.3Hh, 5/8ths Thoroughbred.

As Cory matures, he is showing rock solid inteliigence and quietness, able to adapt to many differing circumstances and riders. Moreover, he is "eating up" his training, progressing very, very quickly. For example, he now travels in the ideal hunter frame: light, low and reachy, including on course, with very little cueing from his rider. His jump is also growing fancier by the day. This is truly an A circuit pony in the making.
Around the barn, Cory is friendly and sweet, but can be just a bit shy about fast movments, especially when he is in his stall. He ships, clips and travels like a professional (in fact, he seems to really enjoy going to shows and staying in new places!).

Cory's family includes national and zone champions, WEF champions, winners indoors, several Prelim or higher level eventers, several jumpers and even a couple of "big- eq" horses. His talent is NO accident!
Cory's most outstanding trait is his enormous, reachy and lofty movement. Although a "small" large, he easily makes the distances. Currently gaining mileage at local shows, Cory won all three of his classes and the championship at his first show! For more information or a video of this four-year-old gelding, please call 919.634.1697.

Please recognize that this pony represents a "work in progress," and was bred to be a very nice pony. His odd size necessitates his lower price at the moment, but as he develops into the kind of ride his many relatives have become, his price will not remain where it is, regardless of the size he ends up.  So be forewarned: Cory's price is $6,000...and it will increase over time.