Spring 2004 - Summer 2005
Teddy and Christan Trainor
In mid-winter of 2003, Teddy had the opportunity to go to Florida...but couldn't, due to lack of funds. Instead, he came home, but not for long. Through the wonders of the internet, Teddy found his next partner, Christan Trainer, a young rider already highly accomplished in eventing, having been long-listed--at only 18-years-old!--for the 2000 US Olympic Team on her horse "Ben," whom she had trained from start to finish. In the year and a half they were together, Christan successfully developed Teddy from the Preliminary to the Advanced levels of the sport. Their partnership culminated with a solid eighth placing in their first CIC** event. Christan's confident riding also started Teddy's full brother, Cassidy, on the right tracks as she introduced that youngster to his first Preliminarly level schooling jumps as well.
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