Hunters, Jumpers and Lots of Friends
Teddy Before (and Between) Eventing
Teddy began his work under saddle under me--his owner, breeder and first trainer. Backed at age three, he carried an 11-year-old to his first ribbon only a few months later, an under saddle class at a local hunter show. A year later, Teddy encountered his first "mini" cross country course, earning a good 3rd place ribbon (with no schooling in advance). By the time he was six, Teddy had spent a winter in Ohio under hunter rider Megan Udelson and a summer in jumpers under West Virginia professional Michelle Koury, culminating with a win in the fall at his first-ever horse trials (one day event) under Gillian Clissold. Along the way, old friend Elaine Boardway, present from the first day he felt a saddle to one of his latest triumphs in New Jersey, and new friend Katrina Grant (another 11-year-old) popped on his back for the occasional bit of fun.
art One...
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Teddy and young Katrina Grant
Teddy and WV pro Michelle Koury. Click HERE for more pictures of
Teddy's early years.
Teddy and old friend Elaine Boardway.
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