A proven Top Ten 100 Mile Endurance Horse, VSF Otis +/ is now passing his ability on to his get! His daughter, Picabo Street, has eight top ten finishes, with a 2nd on her first 100! His son, Ciderhouse Jack is just starting his career with three 50's, and others are well on their way to success!

Otis+/ is sired by the stakes-placed, allowance winner Theodore (JC reg. as Witty Boy), who also sired 2007 Pan Am 3-day Individual and Team Gold Medalist Theodore O'Connor, plus countless other phenominal performance horses competing in a variety of disciplines. RB Baskiba, Otis' dam, was a 2000 mile ECTRA horse, who for years won many, many championships at all distances.


(from Otis' rider, 2000 Pan Am Gold Medalist Connie Walker):

"Otis+/ just loves to go down the trail. In training, he is his own person and as happy to go out alone as in company. He sees the base of a big hill as fun and approaches it with a "bring it on" attitude. He is a great traveler, and he is known for his appetite, and always drinks. His recoveries are also awesome.

I love the depth of character Otis +/ displays. He is so intuitive and inquisitive, and interested in everything that goes on. When schooling in the ring, Otis+/ is intrigued with arena excercises. The more complicated, the happier he is. He has a canter that you just love to ride; he just perks his little ears and is happy to do it all day. As for speed, I have only let him "out" a handful of times. He is, by far, is the fastest horse I have galloped. However, he never pulls on me (with the exception of the start of the ride, he'll toss his head in excitement) and is happy to lead or follow on trail."  

~ Connie Walker
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In 2006 Otis top tenned four 100 mile rides, won a 50, and received Best
Condition on that ride. Those were all impressive placings, given the degree
of difficulty those courses had to offer.
He earned three National Top Ten Year End Awards in 2006, the Arabian Horse
Association 1/2 Arabian 100 mile horse, the AERC Jim Jones Stallion Award(6th),
and the AERC National 100 Mile Award(6th).

He was the first stallion in eight years to place in the National 100 mile award.
In 2007, he brought a top ten (5th) at the Biltmore 100, out of 59 starters, a win at  the Pine Tree 100, earning the Best Condition and High Vet score, and another win (tied) at the Hot Toddy Hustle 60.