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Course Syllabus
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FAQs (Fabulously Anticipated Questions)
Textbook Website (contains MANY of the documents, video transcripts, worksheets and tutorials we'll be using).

Session One: Course Overview, Introductions,
and Communication Theory

Required Reading: Ch 1

Additional Reading:
Criteria used for evaluating speeches (not used, but useful to read anyway)

Video Clips: D1: 1 _1

Three-sentence description
Introductory questionnaire

Session Two:
Continued from Session One:
Communication Types and Functions
2. Selecting Topics and Purposes
3. Analyzing Audiences

Required Reading: Ch 4 & 5
Additional Reading:
Audience survey example

Video Clips: D1: 5_1, 5_2, 5_4
Survey Maker

·Types and Functions (done thru class discussion, via Appshare)
Selecting a Topic and Purpose

·Producing and Evaluating an Audience Survey
·Names and Addresses of Classmates

Session Three: Delivery and Oral Interpretation Presentations
Required Reading: Ch 12

Additional Reading:
· Choosing a poem for interpretation
· A brief guide to interpretive reading
· IR assignment sheet
· IR evaluation form

Video Clips: D1: 12_1, 12_2, 12_3

· IR Copymarking Worksheet
· Delivery exercise

Session Four:
Quiz #1. Remaining time left open for flexibility. Informative speaking (time permitting).
Ch 14
Additional Reading: none
Video Clips: D1: 14_1, 14_3, 14_4, 14_5
Exercises: none

Session Five: Informative Speaking, Introductions and Conclusions
Required Reading: Ch 9 (and Ch 14)
Additional Reading:
Informative Speech Assignment Sheet
Informative Speech Evaluation Form
· Informative Speech Peer Evaluation Form ( see NYU Online)
Video Clips: D1: 9_1, 9_2, 9_3, 9_4, 9_5, 9_6
D2: Edible Insects

· Begin/End Exercise
Objectives: After completing this exercise, students should be able to identify all parts of a speech introduction and conclusion. They will also practice gaining attention and encouraging retention in various ways in those sections of a speech. Description: In your group, examine the manuscript of the video “Cryonics” provided by the instructor. As a group, discuss and decide on an effective introduction and conclusion for this speech by following the guidelines provided in Chapter Nine. Each group will be assigned a different audience to prepare the speech for: Group A -- 10-13 year olds, Group B -- venture capitalists, Groups C -- 25+-year-olds in a continuing education class, and Group D --residents at a retirement home. Present your group’s work as a post in the discussion forum and be prepared to discuss your reasoning in class.

· Assessing Speech Conclusions
Rewrite the conclusion of the student speech assigned (as a  "reading" assignment) for this week: #14 - Feng Shui. Post your rewrite in the discussion thread and respond to two of your colleagues' posts as well, making sure that one of your responses involves constructive criticism and both cover why you've responded as you have). Supporting your opinions with properly cited information from the textbook or other outside sources is required to get your score into the "A" range. [NOTE: All deadline times in this class are based on Eastern Standard Time. A 5% late penalty is applied for each day an assignment is overdue. Responses to posts are due no later than 24 hours after the last, on-time original is posted.] This assignment is due by midnight on Saturday, November18th.

Session Six: Research & Supporting Materials
Required Reading: Ch 6, 7
Additional Reading:
· Strategies of Development Summary
· Bibliography formats
Video Clips: D1: 6_1, 7_1, 7_2, 7_5, 7_6
D2: Chili Peppers
D2: Bibliomaker
· Fast Food Scenario Exercise
· Strategies Exercise B
· Deconstruct Chili Peppers

Session Seven: Organizing and Outlining (includes Connectives)
Required Reading: Ch 8, 10
Additional Reading:
· Kool Aid Speech Transcript
· Capital Punishment Transcript
· Transitions, Markers and Signposts
Video Clips: D1: 8_1
XX: Speech Outliner
· Speech Outliner Practice
· Outlining Exercises (on CD)
· Outline Chili Peppers

Session Eight: Informative Speech Presentations
Required Reading: None
Additional Reading:
· Informative speech preparation worksheet
· Audience analysis worksheet
· Audience adaptation worksheet
Video Clips: none
Exercises: none

Session Nine:
Quiz #2. Remaining time left open
for scheduling flexibility.
Using Language & Special Occasion Speeches (time permitting).
Required Reading: Ch 11, 17
Additional Reading: none
Video Clips: D1: 11_1, 11_2, 11_3, 11_4, 17_2
D2: Question of Culture
· Linguistic Devices Exercise

Session Ten: Communicating in Groups, Group Project Working Session
Required Reading: Ch 18
Additional Reading:
· Task List
· Progress Report
· Group Presentation Assignment Sheet
· Group Presentation Evaluation Form
· PowerPoint Tutorial in MS Word
Video Clips: none
· Worksheet for Group Presentation

Session Eleven: Group Project Presentations, Visual Aids
Required Reading: Ch 13
Additional Reading: none
Video Clips: D1: 13_1, 13_2, 13_3, 13_4, 13_5, 13_6, 13_7, 13_8
· Visual Aid Exercise

Session Twelve: Persuasive Speaking
Required Reading: Ch 15, 16
Additional Reading:
· Persuasive Speech Assignment Sheet
· Policy Speech Evaluation Form
Video Clips: D1: 15_2, 15_3, 15_4, 16_1, 16_2, 16_3, 16_4
· Group Evidence Exercise
Session Thirteen:
Quiz #3, Ethics & Effective Listening
Required Reading: Ch 2, 3
Additional Reading: none
Video Clips: none
· Listening Worksheet
· Felicia Robinson Ethics Scenario

Session Fourteen: Persuasive Speech Presentations
Required Reading: None
Additional Reading: none
Video Clips: none
· Persuasive Speech Preparation Worksheet
· Audience analysis worksheet
· Audience adaptation worksheet
Y13.2201-800 - Oral Communications
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